Italy is one of the biggest global exporters of wine and sparkling wine.

However, very often, the companies that wish to make known and export their products in the world, must crash with a series of very complicated bureaucratic procedures.

 Today for sending alcoholic beverages both in EU countries and in non-EEC countries are required different permits issued by the competent authorities, and the same permissions must be in possession of those who receive the goods.

Thanks to the Authorization issued by The Customs, UBS obtained the Tax Warehouse permission by which it is able and authorized in managing alcoholic beverages among the Europe community, clearing all the necessary documentation such as sending the DAA.

Furthermore, thanking to several USA partnerships, UBS is authorized to shipping alcoholic beverages on behalf of private customer or client which not have the necessary authorization required to import alcoholic beverages into the United States.

The company, in addition to the service transport it is also able to manage the registration procedure of the labels and of the farms at the FDA.