The UNITED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS srl borns from the idea of the owner Alessandro Orrea for managing the outsourcing service in terms of transport and logistic . His experience growed during the years managing the distribution of the catalogues to the travel agencies on behalf of the major Tour Operators

After several years Alessandro decided to open is own company  where the smallest and medium companies would have approched to the same  possibilities and the same services usually reserved to the biggest one. Today UBS has a wide spread distribution for both National and International Transportation and deliveries ,values as the professionality and the experience distinguish it , those are the focal points of his work.

The collaboration with the majors National and International Courier Express ,gives to UBS customers  the immediate advantage in line with the continue growing needs required, starting from the deliveries of several kinds of shipments , passing to the import / export of supply until the distribution of the products if required .

 Thanking to all these features our customers can have all the services they need using the same supplier… and there’s more, thanks to the permissions and approvals issued to the founder Alessandro Orrea, the company is able to handle different types of particular shipments.

The UBS specializes in the import / export management of hazardous goods and temperature controlled, it is also in possession of the necessary licenses for the handling of alcoholic beverages worldwide.